Become a part of this incredibly precious project and receive skies of merit!

This beautiful block of land in close proximity to Root Institute includes our magnificent Kadampa Stupa (24-feet high) and eight surrounding stupas (each 7-feet high).

The small shrine room underneath the main stupa will be blessed by the presence of a statue of Thousand-armed Chenrezig and this has inspired a change of name from "Garden of Stupas" to "Stupa Garden of Compassion".

In addition:

  • An organic vegetable and rose garden will supply our kitchen and altars for much of the year
  • Seven rooms, of which five have private bathrooms, will be available for personal retreat
  • All are within sight of the Kadampa Stupa and the holy Mahabodhi Stupa of Bodhgaya
  • Kitchen, toilets and showers will allow for group retreats
  • Some of our liberated animals will reside on this blessed land.

Remaining sponsorship we are seeking

approx. US$

One of the 7-foot stupas surrounding the central Kadampa Stupa



Partial sponsorship is certainly an option. For more information, please email our director: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.