Lotus flower offerings“A generous heart, kind speech, and a life of service and compassion are the things that renew humanity.”

- Buddha Shakyamuni

Our projects are possible only due to the incredible generosity of our sponsors. From our hearts, we rejoice and thank all those who have made donations and continue to support our various projects.

How you can help

When you offer a general donation to Root Institute, it is used towards items where there is the greatest need & urgency:

  • Dharma courses, pilgrimages and retreats
  • supporting our local Indian staff & their families
  • building new and maintaining our on-premise holy objects
  • upkeep of our accommodations, facilities and grounds
  • supporting the Sangha
  • caring for our liberated animals who live with us

To explore giving to our three social projects, please visit our Social Service page.

If you feel inspired by our work, you may also wish to:

The donation process

Root Institute relies on the FPMT website to receive online donations, as they have a secure payment gateway in place.

Here is the process:

  • pressing our 'DONATE NOW' button will take you to the FPMT donation form where your actual donation can be made

  • input amount and then choose from the list of designations – Root Institute in general, or one of our wonderful projects

  • click the 'Add Donation' button

  • if you wish to make regular monthly donations, under "Additional Information" click 'Recurring gift' and any comments you wish

  • proceed to input your 'Billing Information' and 'Payment Information' before clicking their 'Donate Now' button.

Thank you very much for your kind generosity – we rejoice in any level of giving you’re able to offer!