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Dorje Khadro Retreat – With Ven. Thupten Dolkar
From Monday, 4. February 2019
To Thursday, 28. February 2019
Location : Stupa Garden of Compassion

This retreat has the aim to offer Dharma practitioners the opportunity to complete individually their 100,000 ngongro (preliminary practice) Dorje Khadro fire puja commitment. Retreatants wanting to engage in the Dorje Khadro practice without completing 100,000 burning practice are welcome to participate as well.

Venerable Dolkar, an experienced meditation leader and sangha member, will be leading this retreat; she will give instructions, guidance and personal support to retreaters. 

This retreat will actually start on the very auspicious and multiplying day of Losar: 5th February 2019, presenting an incomparably special opportunity to engage in a deep purification practice supported by devoted practitioners at the holiest place for Buddhists. 


Offering the burning puja to Dorje Khadro is one of the very profound practices for purification, regarded as a golden Dharma, a precious one.

Lama Zopa Rinpoche

About the practice

Making burning offerings to Dorje Khadro (Vajradaka) is considered to be "a golden Dharma" passed directly from Manjushri to Lama Tsongkhapa. It was one of Lama Tsongkhapa's heart practices and, as such, has a special connection with the Gelug lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. The practice of Dorje Khadro comes highly praised for its power to purify negative karma in general, but especially for its ability to purify obstacles caused by broken vows and samaya related to highest yoga tantra. It also assists us in assembling the most conducive conditions for success in long retreats. This practice is encouraged as a powerful way to help those who are sick or dying and as a method to readily clear the mind of challenging disturbing emotions. 

In order to participate in this retreat, you must:

  • Have taken refuge in the Three Jewels – Buddha, Dharma and Sangha – and follow the Buddhist path
  • Have some knowledge of Buddhism
  • Come with a strong determination and enthusiasm to complete the retreat
  • Not necessarily have received any initiation
  • Not suffer from severe psychological or psychiatric disorders.


Practical Information

For information about staying at Root Institute please visit our page, being here – features of your stay.

Retreat environment

To enhance a focused and contemplative atmosphere, this retreat will be held at our nearby retreat place – Stupa Garden of Compassion – which can accommodate 12, offering a peaceful environment to ensure participants the possibility to "retreat" in Bodhgaya. Participants must stay at the retreat place to ensure a supportive environment for the group. Outside accommodation options for this retreat are not a possibility. The Stupa Garden of Compassion offers a small gompa and a shaded veranda.


Mon 4 Feb Welcome to Root Institute
4.00pm Introduction to retreat by Spiritual Programme Coordinator (SPC)
6.00pm Dinner
Tue 5 to Wed 27 Feb  
6.00am Lama Choepa practice (optional)
7.30am Breakfast
9.00am 1 – Dorje Khadro Session 
10.30am Break
11.00am 2 – Dorje Khadro Session 
12.00pm Lunch
2.00pm 3 - Dorje Khadro Session
3.30pm Break
4.00pm 4 - Dorje Khadro Session
6:00pm Dinner
Thu 28 Feb  
6.30am Lama Choepa practice (optional)
7.30am Breakfast
9.00am Dedication prayers at Mahabodhi Stupa/End of retreat


Note: This schedule is subject to change.


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