Fundraising goal: $25,000

As we begin our 30th season here at Root, several of our precious holy objects are in need of completion and repair! Harsh weather conditions from years of the Bihari monsoon season have taken their toll. We are fundraising to cover the costs of restoring some of our damaged holy objects to their original splendour, complete the holy objects and pond construction at our Stupa Garden of Compassion and offer gold to our Gompa statues.

Your kind donation will ensure that future generations of sentient beings will benefit from our blessed holy objects for many more years to come. 

If you would like to be sole sponsor of any of our wish list items, please reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Wish list:

1. Prayer wheel

  • New roof = $700 - SPONSOR FOUND!
  • Sacred artwork = $1,600
Weather damage to our prayer wheel house

One of our jewels here at Root is our 10’ x 6’ red prayer wheel which was built in 2007.

The current roof housing the prayer wheel – as well as the artwork painting (last painted in 2008) - is now severely damaged due to heavy rains, wind and debris. 

A new, waterproof roof will ensure the longevity of the prayer wheel house and the safety of those using the prayer wheel. Your contribution will continue to benefit those wishing to develop compassion for other sentient beings, remove obstacles and purify negative karma.



2. Main Gompa

  • Outer ceiling artwork restoration = $6,300
Main Gompa outer ceiling water damage

Our main Gompa was originally built in 1998. The current exterior ceiling artwork - which includes images of Garuda and the Mani mantra – was last painted in 2010. 

Repainting and restoration of the outer artwork is needed by trained artists. Your contribution will inspire and benefit all sentient beings who routinely use and circumambulate the main Gompa.



3. Stupa Garden of Compassion

  • Kadampa inner shrine artwork = $6,200
  • Painting of 8 surrounding stupas = $3,300
  • Serenity pond & walkway construction =$3,500
Kadampa Stupa inner shrine as it is today

Our latest addition to Root Institute, our Stupa Garden of Compassion, was consecrated by Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche in January 2017 and offers a serene retreat space.

The 24-foot high Kadampa Stupa gompa ceiling is still missing a painted mandala and auspicious signs artwork. The tops of the 8 surrounding stupas are in need of paint too. Lastly, the serenity pond and walkway circling the stupas has yet to be constructed. Your contribution will go towards the success of individual and group retreatants who benefit from practicing in this auspicious space.



4. Gold offerings to Gompa statues = $3,400

Statues in our small Gompa

As advised by Lama Zopa Rinpoche, there are many beneifts of offering gold to statues. One particular benefit comes from the Sutra of the Mudra, Developing the Power of Devotion. In that it says that someone who merely sees the image of a Buddha, great or small, immediately creates numberless merits. 

You will not only accumulate skies of merit through your gold offering, your contribution will also benefit everyone who sees the images of the Buddhas in our Gompas.  

THANK YOU very much for your kind generosity – we rejoice in any level of giving you’re able to offer!