Tara Children's Project (TCP) is the only children's home caring for HIV affected orphaned children in the state of Bihar.

If we start this children's home our main purpose is for their lives to be meaningful. We have to teach the children, as with Universal Education, to practise kindness all the time to everybody: people and animals; friend, enemy, stranger.

Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Tara Children's Project
TCP children and carers, gathered at the Namgyalma long life stupa in the grounds of TCP and Maitreya School

Origins and growth

Tara Children's Project started in 2008 when three children and two carers moved into the premises located behind the Maitreya School buildings. Soon afterwards, six more children arrived from an orphanage in Delhi, all of whom originated from this area of Bihar. Initially, the project received a one-off grant which was used to pay for and renovate the accommodation, providing a ready made home for the TCP kids.


The emphasis of the project is to achieve stabilisation for the children – trying to make their lives a little bit ordinary. Many of the children have come from difficult, sometimes abusive circumstances. Most suffer from the effects of rejection. The more we try to normalise their routine, the more they respond in happy and positive ways. The home currently has 19 children ranging in age from five to sixteen. The school-age children are now enrolled in our own Maitreya School. They have been accepted exceptionally well considering the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS. Several children have come from villages neighbouring Bodhgaya. Having lost both parents to AIDS, with their village unable or unwilling to care for them, once accepted into TCP their whole demeanour visibly brightens.

Rinpoche's vision

The children are encouraged to care for and support one another and to understand that they are now part of a family. Universal Education for Compassion and Wisdom is at the core of all the training and vision of Tara Children’s Project.

The children are inspired to follow principles of the 'Six Essential Guidelines for a Better Life':

  • Forgiveness

  • Apology

  • Patience

  • Kindness

  • Courage

  • Rejoicing

Why we need your support

Many people hear about the Tara Children's Project and offer various kinds of help. Aside from running costs, we are continually trying to improve the children's environment and hiring good people to fulfill the roles of carers, cooks, tutors and administrators in order to provide them with the highest quality of life we can.

HIV is increasing rapidly in India and the incidence of HIV-affected orphan children is alarming. The problems of HIV/AIDS and the resulting suffering are exacerbated by the terrible stigma that the disease causes. TCP presently provides a refuge for only a small number of children and is currently the only such home in the whole of Bihar State. The success of TCP will help the project stand as a beacon so that eventually more such caring homes might open in Bihar and India-wide.

The best way you can help support Tara Children's Project is financially with either a one-off donation or with continuing sponsorship. You're also welcome to donate items through our Amazon Wish List directly.

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