Mahabodhi Stupa events

Mahabodhi Stupa events

Root Institute comes together to make offerings at the Mahabodhi Stupa

To understand the context of these events, you may like to visit our page on Bodhgaya's significance and the Mahabodhi Stupa.

Offering of robes

On the full moon, we offer robes to the Mahabodhi Stupa Buddha on behalf of Lama Zopa Rinpoche, and dedications are made for the clearing of all obstacles for Rinpoche’s holy projects and centres.

Offering robes to the Lord Buddha statue in the Mahabodhi shrine room

Offerings of water, lights, flowers and incense

Occasionally we hold a stupa-practice day where guests, staff and volunteers accumulate merit together by making offerings of water, lights, flowers and incense at the Mahabodhi Stupa.

It is a very special, relaxing activity and a wonderful opportunity to purify negativities, accumulate merit and make a connection with the holiest site of the Buddhist world.

Good vibes while offering flowers

You are very welcome to join us!

For these events, there is no need to register.

 Mahabodhi Stupa events planned so far